This is the first apartment that i ever 

designed for a friend.! With modern , 

minimal aesthetic it represents exactly my sense of style.!

Overall Design Idea

In this modern apartment i chose mostly cool tone colors to give a beautiful city atmosphere.! This apartment was originally designer for a single tenant but it can easily host a couple as well.! Perfect for people with a very busy life that spend a minimum time at home.! Black and white , grey , little greenery to bring some of the nature into the apartment , stone and marble textures to bring the raw beauty of this planet.! Quite a lot of lighting sources because of the minimum natural light coming only from the bedroom.!Since i was going for a minimal atmosphere i chose as less furniture as possible.! Only the essentials.!


So for the bedroom i chose queen size , low height bed so that we have an illusion of very high ceiling. This height gives us the opportunity  to put a very large art center piece above the actual bed making quite a statement. Just to put a hint of industrial interior , a gray stone wall is places behind the bed wall.! Geometric shaped furniture or home decor are some of my favorite pieces of filling the space. So for the ceiling and the side table lighting i borrowed round shaped lamps and tried to marry them with the rectangular room.!

With the small spaces i always put some sort of mirror piece.! In this case i took advantage of the lack of built in close and decided to put a large wall to wall closet with mirrored sliding doors. This gives the illusion of bigger space and bounces beautifully the light.!



Since i love bookcases i was really hesitated whether i should put one .! But eventually i figured why not? Why not? Due to minimum space for the actual living room i jut put a three seat sofa and two poufs . Hoping that the bar stools would add as a seating space in case of a big friends or family gathering.! For the kitchen i couldn't actually make any changes since it was already there but i changed the color of the doors to black with a mirror effect so that they also ive an illusion of a bigger space. And to continue the industrial feeling i just out a series of concrete lamps above the kitchen island.!



In the bathroom i wanted dark tiles and marble walls . Decided to put a shower instead of a bathtub since people living here won't spend a lot of time at home. So to make it more functional we went for the shower option.

Overall in this apartment i wanted to give a modern but also a luxurious feeling. A place for someone who just started their dream career or is a single happy business person with a very  busy lifestyle. Gave a minimal feeling since people living here won't probably have a lot of time cleaning the place. Though covered with industrial walls and textures the mirrored effect furniture bring a sense of luxury and modernism.!